Allison Mooney - The People Interpreter

Women in Business

Title: Pressing the Right Buttons both at work and home.

"Every day the roads are filled with different people heading in different directions with different goals in mind, yet all of us drive smoothly along with few mishaps because we all understand some common laws: we stop at stop signs and red lights, we go on green, and we try to follow the speed limit. However in our relationships, both in the home and workplace, we seem to have a few more bumps. We wish we could straighten out all those other people – those very same people who want to straighten us out! Regardless of one’s upbringing, genetics or circumstances the key is respecting and understanding our differences."
You'll understand how to engage with the detailed structure person that won’t move until all the ducks are in line, when you are a “big picture” person that has no interest in the small details.
Or with your ‘significant other ‘that takes ages to make up his/her mind when you want things actioned “NOW!”
Or that child who is more focussed on her/his social activity than applying her/him- self to their school work.

Allie will give you a simple but powerful tool to help us get into the shoes of others, (see things from their world view) and give them what they need.
Ron Willingham says. “People are more apt to relate to you if they perceive that you view their world as they view it” She will show us how.


Organised by:

Business North Harbour


21 August 2018 - 21 August 2018


10:30 - 12:00


North Shore Golf Club, 51 Appleby Road, Albany


Free for 1 representative of Business North Harbour Members and Associate Members. Guests of members will be charged $40 plus GST to attend.