Effective communication across a wide & diverse group

Business After Five

Stay ahead of the game and learn the latest and greatest in meeting room technology, whether you need to create better collaboration with remote staff or you have suppliers/clients stretched out across the globe.

The legendary ex-All Black captain Wayne “Buck” Shelford will be presenting his view of effective communication across a wide and diverse team and how technology helps that human interaction, even when it may be separated by large distances.
Leading Solutions, which is an Albany based company founded in 2006 led by Sheri Whitmill, are excited with the launch of an elegant range of meeting room hardware for use with new user-friendly Apps for video conferencing, such as “Zoom”.

These innovative meeting room solutions have inspired this exciting event, where we are fortunate to have an infamous & local North Habour leader in team communication, Buck Shelford, give his view about the need to embrace technology to improve communication across teams and groups of people in diverse locations… as well as give a few humorous anecdotes of when communication goes wrong! Come & Join Buck for an evening of drinks & canapes, plus learn about this exciting trend for innovative meeting rooms.


Organised by:

Business North Harbour


13 September 2018 - 13 September 2018


17:00 - 19:00


North Shore Golf Club, 51 Appleby Road, Albany