AGM 2019 Report


Business North Harbour (BNH) would like to thank the members, associate members and all interested parties who attended the 2019 Annual General Meeting of BNH Incorporated on October 24th at 4pm, the main points from which are noted as follows:


During the meeting the challenges and highlights of the 2018/19 financial year were outlined to attendees, along with the overarching strategy for the current year through to June 2022.


The 2018/19 financial year proved to be quite challenging for the organisation with the departure of Shirner Dyson, Communications and Marketing Manager and Janine Brinsdon, long-standing General Manager. Consequently, the Executive Committee decided to reduce the number of scheduled events from 37 to 24 and re-scheduled the Business Expo to February 2020. Additionally, it was recognised that the pressure had increased considerably on the rest of the team, who were commended for their outstanding contributions throughout this difficult period.


Despite these difficulties the 3 C’s, Connect, Communicate, Collaborate continued to drive key achievements in line with members’ identified needs. A variety of opportunities were provided for business owners, property owners and employees to attend events with keynote speakers, to gain knowledge on specific topics, whilst also providing opportunities for business and personal growth and development. Additionally, members continued to derive significant benefits from the variety of programmes on offer in relation to crime prevention and waste management and minimisation.


BNH were once again kept busy providing feedback to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport on a variety of topics including the Annual Budget 2019/20, Our Water Future, a number of different Bylaws and 13 specific transport initiatives, the most significant being the Rosedale Bus Station project, which forms part of the much larger Northern Corridor Improvement project.


BNH will continue to advocate as strongly as possible for members whenever the opportunity arises to achieve positive outcomes. As a lone voice our influence will always be limited so we will need to collaborate with other key stakeholders to strengthen the effects of our advocacy. A prime example of the need for any such collaboration is the ongoing development of the ‘Bridge to the Future’ strategy. This RoadMap looks to ensure that the development of the North Shore, not just our Business Improvement District, is shaped in a planned and integrated manner, making this location a place where people want to live, work and recreate. This is an extremely important piece of work moving forwards, the full details of which can be found on the BNH website.


The Annual Financial Reports to June 30th 2019, were presented to the satisfaction of attendees along with key performance measures for the current financial year. Additionally, the draft budget for the 2020-21 financial year was approved. Again, full details can be found in the Annual Report and Business Plan on the BNH website.


The Executive Committee members all confirmed their desire to continue into the second year of their current tenure, as per the BNH Constitution, thus there were no vacancies to be filled at the AGM.


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