Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff presents to our members

Thank you Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, for presenting at our Business Lunch. 

We trust everyone who attended the event took away some good information. We did ask the Mayor to prepare on topics of his campaign specifically targeted to the North Shore region, and more specifically North Harbour. 

Some statistics shared today:

  • Auckland city has grown by 50,000 new residents over the last 12 months. Two thirds of which was through migration. 
  • There are 177 homeless people in Auckland City, with 57 of those being children.
  • 53% of North Shore residents travel to the city - via public transport.
  • Auckland is the 4th least affordable city in the world. This makes attracting overseas skills difficult when comparing income to housing costs.
  • Transport projects for the North Shore have been brought forward in terms of the schedule, and account for $840 million worth of infrastructure. This includes: Penlink, Main Arterial Routes, and the link from Albany to Orewa.
  • The Mayor has reviewed the Council operations and is looking for increased accountability across the council departments. Business cases are being required to support expenditure. More transparency as to costs will reduce the need to increase rates. 
  • To raise $1 billion in revenue, requires an overall rate increase of 6.6%.
  • The Mayor is seeking new revenue streams to drive further investment in infrastructure projects, including conversations with central government to share the GST component collected through council rates.
  • The Mayor plans to plant 800,000 trees. 

We will have a full report in the next issue of FYI Magazine, out mid-September. Should you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact

Pictures will be up on our Social Media pages tomorrow. 

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