Bridge to the Future




"Bridge to the Future" outlines a vision and direction for the long-term future of the North Shore's business and residential community. 


The North Shore has 43,430 businesses and 413,000 citizens across five local boards, and is one of the fastest growing areas in Auckland/New Zealand: 4.6 per cent/year (2013-2018). On current trends around 54 per cent more people are likely to have moved to the area or will be living within the area by 2043, which would create a "city" of 640,000 - bigger than the current population of Christchurch and Wellington combined. 


This RoadMap will identify business-led transformational initiatives designed to provide an economic action plan for the North Shore to continue as a great place to establish a business, work, live, and visit. 

The RoadMap is divided into two stages: 


Stage 1 sought to discover what it is that Business North Harbour (BNH) and wider North Shore business community stakeholders believe needs to be achieved, and what that may look like. 


Stage 2 will set out what outcomes are expected, including governance and funding arrangements, to give it certainty and security for achieving results. A governance arrangement is proposed to give the North Shore a collective voice to influence local and central government: 

  • For leading initiatives and advocacy to achieve the goal of being Auckland's location of choice for investment, businesses, customers, and employees

  • To rapidly increase the North Shore's GDP via the large professional and innovative business base. 


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