Business Capability Workshop


6 September

Cassie Roma, Head of Content Marketing at The Warehouse Group

"Social media for the modern marketer"


As Business North Harbour's general manager, Kevin O'Leary observed as he welcomed a packed venue to this lunchtime session, "Social media is simply a way of life now."


Over the next hour, Cassie Roma, who has worked previously with the likes of Air New Zealand, ANZ, Mercury Energy, and NZME, illuminated and inspired her audience, with the message that "storytelling is your brand's secret weapon". Stories are the ultimate building blocks for trust, and a message connecting heart and head has far more resonance.


She further explained that these days a brand is defined by those who experience it, and shared vivid examples from global corporates about how to engage in meaningful conversations with customers.


Cassie offered many practical insights, including:

  • Stand for something that matters.
  • Build and invest in community.
  • Be consistent.
  • Own your own story – before someone else does.


Her final message was an important reminder: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


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