Free Fitness Check for your Business


Business Insight 10 is a quick, 10-minute, totally free online tool that has been developed to help business owners analyse their business and highlight strengths and areas that may need some attention. The initiative is led by Massey University with the support of Business North Harbour, Kiwibank, QLBS and Benefitz.


It involves completing a 10-minute survey; then receiving a detailed and customised report. It is a proven tool that has been completed by more than 10,000 small businesses in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, so respondents get an immediate snapshot of their business, which is benchmarked against other, similar businesses.


Business Insight 10 is free for a limited time and is entirely confidential: no individual information will be shared. It will, however, assist with building up generic data for the North Harbour area, which will help organisations to deliver appropriate services and business support.


You can complete the survey here:



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