Freedom Camping Update


Implementing the next steps for the Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw:


On 8 November 2018 the Regulatory Committee agreed to recommend a Statement of Proposal for a new Freedom Camping in Vehicle Bylaw. The proposal was then publicly notified for consultation. A panel then deliberated on all of the feedback and submissions. The Panel recommends 322 sites as prohibited and 103 sites as restricted for freedom camping in vehicles. 


The 103 areas which the Panel has recommended as restricted areas for freedom camping include of 82 areas that are held under the Reserves Act 1977. Section 44(1) of the Reserves Act 1977 prohibits the use of a reserve for personal accommodation unless an exception applies. An exception requires the Minister of Conservation to grant consent. The Governing Body has decided to defer any decision on the proposed bylaw and sought further on a possible review of the Freedom Camping Act 2011. 


Source: Insights Report on Auckland Council. 


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