Have a safe and secure Christmas and New Year

In the run up to Christmas and New Year, it’s easy to become distracted with your upcoming holiday plansThe last thing any person or business wants to deal with at this time is a burglary or theft of prized possessions. The theft of a computer can mean more than just the loss of the hardware, but valuable information which may not be easily replaced. The stress of dealing with insurance companies, or having to replace personal items such as driver licences and credit cards, can ruin a time that should be about celebration. 

The summer months bring longer days and we all get more complacent about leaving doors and windows open for fresh air and sunshine. This can be an invitation to burglars and thieves with easy opportunities to walk in and take insecure items. Making your business and personal items less desirable to offenders will reduce opportunities for crime. Ensure windows that are left ajar have security stays attachedand keep doors shut and locked when no one is around.  Put small desirable objects such as laptops, tablets and tools out of sight at the end of each day. Place personal items, such as wallets and handbags, under desks out of sight or in lockers, which will deter potential walk-in opportunist offenders.  

Pay Wave cards have made life easier for offenders to purchase a large number of small items in a short space of time before the owner becomes aware that the card is missing. Leaving walletshandbags, cell phones and expensive gym clothing in unattended vehicles is an invitation to offenders to help themselves. Even if your vehicle is parked in your garage or a secure car park, this will not stop someone who is motivated with crime.  

The same security  plans you have at work will also work well at home. Ensure windows are secure with window stays, deadbolts fitted to doors including patio and security doors. The aim is to make your home an undesirable option for offenders. Over the Christmas season, with many businesses closed over the holiday period, be aware of any unusual activity that is occurring. 

A final note for the Christmas season, please, if you are going to enjoy a few Christmas drinks, make sure you have arranged sober transport home. 

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