Have your say: Auckland Council 10-year plan and budget for Auckland (2018-28)


Business North Harbour hosted an Auckland Council workshop in March 2017 where collectively we influenced Council's thinking around business rate percentages, and sparked debate about other elements that may have affected your investment and business operational costs.
As a result of that successful workshop we wish to invite you to attend another workshop on 15th March 2018 to have your say on how you would like Auckland Council to spend your rates, and balance their books for the next 10 -years. This will be an interactive working group style set up, where you will have the opportunity to really delve into what this plan means for your business and/or investments.  
Auckland Council really values the feedback they receive from the North Harbour area, and so to help you understand the 10- year plan and what this means for you, we will have two senior managers from Auckland Council attending. Andrew Duncan, Manager Financial Policy and Richard Hughes, Principal Specialist Auckland Plan Implementation & Monitoring will present an overview of the draft budget, and then facilitate the Q&A session.  
This budget is a very important document, as it forms the basis of how the council will fund and deliver projects over the next 10 years. It outlines their wish list in terms of income streams and investment priorities, so it’s important that North Harbour receives a fair "cut of the pie". From past experience, if a project isn’t listed in the 10-year plan, it becomes very difficult to bring forward this investment at a later date. For example: if we need improvements to local roads and intersections, investment in sporting facilities within the area, expansion of public transport facilities – routes and Park & Rides – then NOW is the time to have our say. There are key infrastructure projects such as the second Waitemata Harbour crossing and light-rail to North Shore that currently aren’t featured in the Auckland 10-year plan and budget plan, so if these are important to you, then please attend this event. 
Here are a few topics covered in the 10-year plan and budget:
  • Transport – introducing a regional fuel tax to pay for improvements to our transport system
  • Environment – cleaning up our harbours and streams and paying for it
  • Environment – protecting our endangered species (such as kauri) and paying for it
  • Rates – our approach to the average general rates increase
  • Rates – changes to the way we rate online accommodation providers (e.g. properties let out on online services such as Airbnb)
  • Disestablishing Auckland Council Investments Ltd
  • Local priorities – what the priorities are in your area
Following this workshop, Business North Harbour will prepare a formal submission incorporating your views as part of our response to the 10-year plan and budget. The overall plan is released today, 28th February 2018.  It is available for download
There is no cost to attend this workshop, however please RSVP for catering purposes. Please make some time to attend this interactive session. REGISTER HERE

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