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Voting in the local elections runs from 20 September until 12 October (polling day).

Business North Harbour contacted all the candidates standing for the Albany ward and Upper Harbour Local Board, asking them:

  • What’s your vision for business and economic growth in the North Harbour district?
  • Our annual member survey identified the following as being of particular importance to our members. How would you propose to achieve positive outcomes in these areas?
    • Improved local transport and public transport network including sufficient car parking
    • The second Waitemata Harbour crossing
    • Showcasing North Harbour as the place to do business


We requested that they respond in no more than 200 words. 


Upper Harbour Board candidates

Anna Atkinson

My vision is that our area is a fantastic place to do business, loved by business owners and their customers, which results in strong economic growth. The businesses will be environmentally responsible with great help from their local board.


Why shouldn’t it be? It’s a fantastic place to do business. The area boasts a large population of well-educated people, hungry for success. The area could be well-serviced by public transport and accessible from many places.


Business owners know what they want and need and local boards should be there to listen, help, educate and facilitate. The Local Board should provide education to business owners including about sustainability and work with businesses to encourage a low carbon model.


We need to keep the pressure on AT to provide much better transport options. This includes car parking at park and rides, ensuring feeder busses work. Active transport options need to be built quickly and shouldn’t hinder business but offer a cheaper alternative to the daily car grind. The second Waitemata crossing should be public transport only. This will reduce the rates burden as it’s a lot cheaper and it frees up the existing bridge by having none of the existing buses.


Uzra Casuri Balouch

My vision for North Harbour is a thriving, innovative, inclusive and resilient local economy with job opportunities for local residents close to home.


Authentic engagement with the local businesses, business organisations, tertiary providers and iwi to work towards the sustained growth of North Harbour’s economy.


Investing to make sure North Harbour works, that North Harbour moves, that North Harbour has fit for purpose infrastructure and an effective and efficient transport system future proofed for growth.


I will continue to advocate for an affordable, well-connected and accessible transport network, frequent feeder buses and more capacity at the at the Albany park and ride by optimising the current site and building a multi storey carpark.


The second Waitemata Harbour crossing should have been built decades ago; I will continue to lobby for it to the governing body of Auckland Council.


I will also lobby ATEED to showcase North Harbour as the place to grow a successful business, at professional events and expos and to set up a dedicated page on the ATEED website to promote a new North Harbour business every week and link it to Council’s social media pages and our local board page.


Jaggar Booten

We need to enhance the connection between our local people and businesses. We should consider promoting the concept of buying local, providing incentives for people to choose local businesses and ensuring Council tenders favour contractors that operate locally. The local board could partner with a variety of organisations to bring people into our community to do business. This could be through local business expos, guides and, recognising the anniversaries of our local businesses by presenting a proclamation.


The Local Board Transport Capital Fund is for new projects which do not make regional priority lists. There is no doubt that this fund can be utilised to improve parking at existing Park and Ride facilities and create more parking hubs in areas where there is a demand. The frequency of bus services needs to be improved, particularly between Westgate and Constellation.


The additional Waitematā Harbour Connections business case is to be completed by late 2019. It is crucial that there is local board input in the implementation of the recommended changes. I will advocate on your behalf to ensure the local board has a strong understanding of the views of our community - your ideas and concerns need to be accurately represented.


John Glover

Let’s become a micro-economic business hub. Attract corporations, reduce the red tape to expedite development, vastly improve transport infrastructure, and stamp our mark as the business satellite area of Auckland. It’s important Council and business hub is built near the Oteha Valley off-ramp and Westfield to provide a centralised area for business with easy access for parking and buses.


Let's expedite the speed of consents, and provide access to a balanced lifestyle by sustaining our green leisure spaces. I’d build on the existing initiatives with Massey University to create a robust skills pipeline for Massey University students.


Businesses must prepare for new technologies, data-mining, and up-skill themselves. UHLB must support innovation. It’s my aim to champion robust working relationships with Auckland Transport.


The second Waitemata Harbour crossing: Support and build if we have the budget. Investigate alternatives transport links to the City and within Upper Harbour.


To showcase North Harbour as the place to do business: Engage with head offices, provide incentives to move their offices, hold more business expos, market offshore to attract International business and encourage start-ups.


Let's capitalise on the Government’s announcement to provide rebates and tax incentives for investment in R&D.


Nicholas Mayne

My vision for economic growth in Upper Harbour is for business to be part of sustainable community; by being local, responsible, and smart. The Upper Harbour Local Board can contribute to this, in Albany, by working in partnership with Business North Harbour. With Business North Harbour delivering programs that meet the needs of their members, and the local board supporting with funding, technical expertise, and providing appropriate infrastructure.


An example of the kind of project that I would like to see the local board continue is the Industrial Pollution Prevention Program it ran this term. A new project I would like to see progressed is the development of a community recycling centre on Rosedale Road.


Transport is a big issue in Albany; and it is difficult to influence Auckland Transport’s decisions. But local boards can finance smaller projects that have a big impact. One such project that must proceed is a shared path (off road) on the eastern side of Bush Road, to link the new Harbour Hockey Stadium with bus stops on the corner of Bush Road and Rosedale Road. By providing greater transport choices to those visiting Albany, we free up parking for other users.


Jonathan McDonald

My vision for business and growth in the North Harbour area is one of promoting intensification. By supporting higher densities in both residential and commercial developments, council can improve growth in the area.


While we can’t change the layout of the existing road network, we can make it more attractive for AT to improve PT availability and promote a greater implementation of active mode infrastructure. I'd also like to see more time limited parking in Upper Harbour including a greater proportion of 4-hour parks in the park and ride facilities.


I strongly support a public transport-only additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing. The most feasible option is a bus and light rail crossing, for public transport and emergency services that would dramatically cut travel times for these services. This would allow public transport to be the fastest option for crossing the bridge, and often the most convenient. 


Upper Harbour is great location to operate a business. Promotion by organisations like Business North Harbour and Auckland Council is extremely valuable. We have a great product, great marketing, now we need to improve our distribution network. By improving transport accessibility and promoting intensification of the area, Upper Harbour will showcase itself.


Margaret Miles

I would like to see a continual increase in business opportunities which will lead to increased economic growth for the successful North Harbour district to enable local residents to work north of the bridge.


I have long promoted the need for more car parking in Upper Harbour; not all can access public transport and for many businesses, their activity does require vehicle use.


While construction of the proposed Rosedale bus station will have benefits, the proposal for a “kiss and ride” with minimal parking will potentially lead to more congestion of the already congested surrounding roads. It will be crucial to work with Business North Harbour to advocate to AT to ensure the necessary local road network improvements are undertaken.


The second Waitemata Harbour crossing has been planned and discussed for many years and is long overdue. The longer the delay, the greater the cost so detailed design must be undertaken so it becomes a reality. Local boards should be advocating with you to NZTA. I feel that the Business North Harbour is in the best place to promote this but very happy as a local board member to encourage promotion through Council’s business unit and in media avenues that the local board uses.


Brian Neeson

As a former chairman of the local board, I attended your meetings regularly and kept up with all the concerns of the members of Business North Harbour. Your concerns about transport issues such as improved local and public transport, car parking, the second harbour crossing are still a high priority for me. These issues are in front of the local board on a regular basis and I can confidently say that most of the members agree with me.


North Harbour Business Association have an enviable record around Auckland for being professional and getting things done. I will continue to support your organisation. I will keep working for continued improvement of access to your businesses, better connections to traffic flow points and parking problems. North Harbour businesses need confidence and support from the local board and council to further invest in the area. As a businessman I understand that relationship with council/local board is imperative for seamless growth. I look forward to your support/vote for the next term. There is still much to be done.


Lisa Whyte

North Harbour is a connected community of businesses thriving without council interference, but enhanced by positive relationships at the governance level with stakeholders. The goal is to support local businesses provide high value jobs allowing local employment for residents.


AT is key to resolving much of local residents' and businesses' frustrations. We do not have decision making but do have a key advocacy role to drive better delivery. Issues outlined in the survey are mirrored by residents, and align with the current board's advocacy and objectives.


I strongly support local improvements to public transport and a more effective solution to parking deficits at the bus stations. Feeder services must improve to move people from their cars onto buses nearer home. Currently two-thirds of cars using the park and ride belong to people living less than 5km away. Prior to the Rosedale bus station opening we need better commuting options for North Harbour employees. I support the additional harbour crossing.


North Harbour should be the destination of choice to set up a business - educated workforce, great motorway access, good amenity - live, work and play in Upper Harbour is the dream … if only we can sort out the traffic!  


Albany ward

Alezix Heneti

MORE MONEY FOR YOU, MORE MONEY FOR YOU, MORE MONEY FOR YOU is my Vision for business and economic growth in the North Harbour District. "How?" TOGETHER with sensible, pragmatic, powerful me, and you TOGETHER we make this happen for you. TOGETHER get, allocate, assign council funds. Vote Alezix HENETI.


INCREASE, ENHANCE, INVIGORATE local transport and public transport network including AMPLE, PLENTEOUS, ABUNDANT car parking. TOGETHER I'll easily, quickly and effortlessly achieve this, because I'm powerful, decisive, confident, competent, pragmatic leader, getting this for YOU. TOGETHER with me in council for YOU, I ACQUIRE, PROCURE, ATTAIN for YOU. Vote HENETI.


Regarding the second Waitemata Harbour crossing I'm with Mark Mitchell National MP on this matter. I am Centre Right, always have been, though I don't always agree with Simon. I grew up supporting Jenny Shipley and like, admire, respect Rob Muldoon. I support Mark Mitchell. Vote HENETI.


YES.YES.YES. Showcasing North Harbour as the place to do business.

I spent over $4,046 NZD for two weeks staying in the Ramada Inn in Albany, (February 2019) and purchased my brand new iPhone in Albany. YES, TOGETHER let's use branding and council to DELIVER, GRANT, YIELD this.


Julia Parfitt

My vision for the business and economic growth in the Albany and North Harbour district would centre on promoting the area as a great place to do business. To do this we must leverage off two recent decisions to substantially invest in our area.


Firstly, our Council's decision to locate its North/West hub in Albany. This hub – due to be completed in 2022 – will relocate 1250 workers to Albany.


The other, Scentre Group's decision to purchase the three hectares of land bordering the Albany Lake Reserve to extend Westfield Albany and put on hold their planned expansion of Westfield St Lukes.


The beauty of these decisions is that nothing is yet set in concrete and Business North Harbour has the ability, if it chooses, to influence decisions, such as the final location of the hub and the way Scentre develops the mall.


We must ensure that there's improved road transport [including another harbour crossing] and public transport linkages to both locations and sufficient car parking to allow Albany and North Harbour to thrive and encourage other businesses to relocate and leverage off these developments and improvements


North Harbour would indeed become the place to do business in Auckland.


Wayne Walker and John Watson

We support the initiative of Massey University in promoting the North Harbour area as a tech hub. The university itself and the network of local educational centres and schools are important for the business health of the area in providing the appropriate workforce required to support business growth.


Also important is that adequate land is zoned for business activities and that is happening in the North Shore, and Hibiscus Coast and Dairy Flat.


Regarding the second Harbour Crossing, recent reports indicate that a tunnel taking either light rail or heavy rail is the preferred solution. The choice on the Shore will be influenced by what mode of rail is selected in Auckland as the two need to mesh.


Showcasing North Harbour as a place to do business is important. This is helped by events such as the Westpac Business Awards hosted by Council and ensuring that ATEED has a strong focus on North Harbour as a place to do business.


Regarding transport, it’s vital people get to their destination quicker. A number of new projects in the North Harbour region will help this. Firstly, the $700m Northern Motorway Improvements currently under construction provide extra motorway lanes between Greville and Constellation, direct motorway link to west, extension of Northern Busway to Albany station and a new $80 m bus terminal at Rosedale. These follow the 2016 $60m Albany Highway upgrade.


Also helping businesses is the direct bus service from Albany to the airport that was initiated by us after contacting Skybus direct, the service running half hourly along the Northern Busway. It didn’t cost the ratepayer a cent. We find it can be useful to look for solutions that don’t always depend on council for action – it can be a lot faster as in this instance!


Albany has the biggest park and ride in the country… but is full. An additional 150 parking spaces opened just last month which is good, but a new car park building is the answer. The new 150 park site is futureproofed for such a building – we’ll push for construction to be brought forward to meet demand. In the interim we want Hooton Reserve used for additional parking with a shuttle in morning (many people are using it now).


Finally, three large local projects have been ringfenced over next few years including the Gills Road extension ($24 m) and Oteha Valley/Medallion Drive link ($13m).


This article is for general information purposes only, and should not be regarded as Business North Harbour's endorsement of any one candidate or another. The opinions expressed here are the candidates' own, in the candidates' own words, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Business North Harbour.


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