Mental Health and Wellbeing with Nigel Latta

Nigel's career as a psychologist has run the gamut from assessing some of the country's highest security prisoners to writing some of the most useful (and entertaining) guides to parenting. He describes himself as "an arch-pragmatist" and believes in the fundamentals of "goldfish wisdom" – finding simple solutions to complicated problems. 

Nigel took his audience on a 3.7 million year evolutionary journey, explaining how humans' brains are wired to be collaborative and social – and the negative health impact it can have when these instincts are ignored or denied. He also spoke with conviction about mindfulness and meditation, and how just 10 minutes per day could make a huge positive difference to well-being and productivity.

Reinforcing Gilbert Enoka's message of "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", Nigel highlighted the other two qualities that all stellar companies share: they understand their "one thing" – and they do it really well, and their leaders are the type of people that others genuinely want to follow. He also remarked that, "Work should be a place you come to that makes you feel good."



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