North Shore Commercial Property Group


3 September

Nick Hakaraia, Worksafe

Steve Plummer, Scope Strata Management


This lunchtime presentation at North Shore Golf Club was in two parts.


Firstly, Nick walked his audience through the basics of their primary duty of care as commercial property owners. He put definitions of legislative terms such as "reasonably practicable steps" to ensure a safe working environment into real-world scenarios, and highlighted the potentially overlapping responsibilities of property owners, bodies corporate, and individuals on site.


He then turned to the thorny topic of asbestos, walking attendees through their obligations and providing sensible advice about surveys and risk assessments, management plans, and refurbishment and demolition plans.


Nick handed the mic to Steve, who spoke at length about the importance of compliance for commercial bodies corporate. He covered general legislation, specific obligations under the Unit Trusts Act 2010, and the importance of mitigating risk. He also reflected on how the law could change in the not too distant future, including reference to various elements of Nikki Kaye's private member's bill.


Business North Harbour thanks Scope Strata Management for kindly sponsoring this event. 


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