Rosedale Road/Hugh Green Road/Apollo Drive roundabout metering


The Rosedale Road/Hugh Green Road/Apollo Drive roundabout has been identified as an existing congestion hotspot in the Rosedale/Pinehill area of Auckland. The identified congestion issues stem from the roundabout’s peak period flows that cause excessive traffic delays and queuing on one or more approaches. The key approaches affected include Hugh Green Drive during the AM peak period and Rosedale Road (eastbound) approach during the PM peak.


In response to these efficiency issues part time traffic signals are proposed on Rosedale Road (eastbound) and Apollo Drive approach legs to the roundabout. These part time signals are intended as an interim treatment in managing the congestion until a planned full signalisation of the intersection can be implemented.



The part time traffic signals would function to meter (temporarily stop) the roundabout’s lighter approach traffic flows to the benefit of adjacent congested approaches. Outside of the peak traffic periods of operation the roundabout metering signals would remain on a resting green phase to essentially allow the roundabout to operate under normal give way rules. Under the arrangement queue detectors on the congested approaches (Rosedale Road eastbound, Hugh Green Drive) will be installed to trigger the traffic signals unless the approach being held on the red signal is already congested. The overall operation of the part time signals will be managed by detector loops cut into the pavement on all the roundabout’s approach and departure lanes.


Expected Benefits:

AM peak period: The proposal is expected to reduce excessive queuing and delays on the roundabout’s Hugh Green Drive approach.

PM peak period: The proposal is expected to reduce excessive queuing and delays on the Rosedale Road roundabout approach (eastbound).



We are planning to go out for public consultation shortly, with the aim for construction completion by end of the year.

Currently we would like to engage with the business association prior to public consultation.


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