St John is running a AED Promotion from the 2nd October to 15th December 2017.

With St John you’re not just getting an AED Unit, but an AED package


Your package includes; 

  •   A free 15 – 20 minute AED Training demonstration (for Auckland based companies only)‚Äč
  • AED Unit, with your first set of pads and battery already installed (so no maintenance required for the first 2 years)
    Thereafter if you put aside $78.66 a year, that is all that is required to maintain your AED Unit annually
  •   Your AED is automatically added to our maintenance programme (no service contracts required)
  •   AED Signage and instruction manual
  •   A semi ridged water resistant carry-case (a red one)
  •   A DVD on how to deploy your AED by listening to the voice prompts
    This DVD then makes up part of your new staff health & safety induction
  •   A patient pre-kit which includes; shear scissors, body-wipes, and face shield
  •   A free ‘Learn CPR training kit’ to practice your CPR skills
  •   A CPR and AED tutorial app (both free to download from St John)
  •   When you ring 111 a St John Ambulance will respond. 
    Purchase our AED means you are helping fund the St John Ambulance that responds to your 111 call.
  •   Need an AED Cabinet: the cabinet makes your AED more visible, and gives it a better protection; it also has an alarmed door. These are only $270.00 excl. gst. See picture attached.


We would also like to recommend doing the St John 90 minute ‘How to use an AED’. This covers a refresher in CPR and gives you the skills and confidence to deploy an AED Unit with speed, and accuracy.

This course is limited to 10 attendees to ensure everyone gets ‘hands-on’ experience and walks away feeling confident about using your AED Unit.  The training can be held at your place – see the pdf attached, the price is $515.00 excl. gst. ($592.25 incl. GST).

  •   Maintenance: No maintenance required; there is a self-diagnostic maintenance system built into every St John AED Unit.

When your electro pads or battery need replacing; your AED Unit will ‘chirp’ it sounds like a smoke detector – it will ‘chirp’ for a week to get someone’s attention.

The cost of Pads is $81.00 excl. gst, and need replacing every 2 years. The battery cost is $180 excl. gst every 4 years; making it an annual cost of only $78.66 a year to maintain your AED.

Please ensure you list your AED machine with 111 services - you could save a life. Download the form here. 

Business North Harbour runs regular (discounted) St John workshops, we have a workshop on the 9th and 16th of November.

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