Paid Parking within Albany - Give us your feedback

Auckland Transport are seeking feedback on a paid parking zone between the hours of Mon-Fri 8am-6pm with a fixed rate of $1 per hour.

For further details please log onto:

Business North Harbour will be providing a formal submission 26 May 2017.

We encourage you to have your say as now is the chance for you to influence the outcome. It will only take 5 minutes.  There is little that can be done after the decision has been made. 

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Weekdays only Weekend only Seven days per week

8am-5pm 8am-4pm 9am-5pm 9am-6pm

First 2 hours free $1 per hour $2 per hour Maximum of $5 per day Maximum of $8 per day

I own a business in or near the affected area I work or study in or near the affected area I live/own a property in the affected area I visit businesses/shops in or near the affected area I visit friends in or near the affected area

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