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The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to gain short-term and medium-term approval from our members for the business plan and financial reporting. It provides the Business North Harbour executive with the opportunity to detail programme performance and results over the past 12 months.

Business North Harbour considers the AGM planning process as a key management tool and measurement, providing operational governance, transparency and accountability for our membership. The rules that govern the AGM process are outlined in the Business North Harbour Incorporated Constitution.

We work for and with you, therefore attendance at the AGM is encouraged, so that together we can shape the future of North Harbour. 

2017 Documents to download: 


How does the Business North Harbour AGM process affect you? 

If you own or operate a business within the NHBID, you are entitled to become a member of Business North Harbour Inc.  As a member you can influence how funds are invested, and what services and support are offered. 

If you own commercial property within the NHBID, you are also entitled to become a member of Business North Harbour Inc.  Your membership also influences the future growth and viability of the business district, and protects your investment. 

There is no additional charge for membership of Business North Harbour Inc.  Business North Harbour Inc. as a not for profit incorporated society is funded through the NHBID Targeted Rate, levied on all commercially rated properties within the NHBID, sponsorship and external grant funding.  

Please complete Business North Harbour Inc.'s  FULL membership form and benefiting from belng located within the North Harbour Business Improvement District. 

Other than through membership, how can I get involved in Business North Harbour Inc? 

Governance and strategy is provided to the executive team, through the Executive Committee (Board).  This board is comprised of up to thirteen local business and property owners.  If you would like to contribute to the continued growth of North Harbour, please contact Janine Brinsdon who can explain further the role of the Executive Committee.  Nominations for the Executive Committee 2017/18 are available to download below. 


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