Better Transport

Better Transport

Easy access, environmental concerns and public transport options are all very important to Business North Harbour.

We will actively represent your interests, but also require your input and engagement through all consultation processes concerning the growing infrastructure demands within in the area. 

We work in partnership with Auckland Transport and NZTA amongst others to develop initiatives to ensure that North Harbour remains a desirable place to work, live and relax. In order to actively represent your interests, we need your input and engagement through all consultation processes concerning our area's increasing infrastructure demands. 

We are keen to hear from anyone who may have transport-related information - anything from freight difficulties to yellow lines or congestion. We are here to help with possible solutions to your transport issues. 

Roading Improvement Updates

Tirohanga Whānui walking and cycling bridge

The final girder of the newest walking and cycling bridge on the North Shore was lifted into place over the Northern Motorway at Spencer Road in Albany on Monday night.

Drive with care

The red girders are very impressive however motorists are advised to keep their eyes on the road when approaching the bridge especially during the morning peak from Albany.

Opening scheduled for early 2019

Finishing touches will be made to the bridge and a shared path will be added to each entrance before the bridge is planned to open to the public in early 2019.

For more information visit

Tirohanga Whanui Bridge

North Harbour BMX facility

The new North Harbour BMX facility is progressing well and is scheduled to open in November.

The final layers of Sic Surface will be laid, and work to install kerbing and lay asphalt for the car park will be done in the next couple of weeks. Electrical work and a roof are the final touches that need to be made to the 5m and 8m ramp. The decking and roof for the club house is also well underway.

For more information visit

North Harbour BMX Facility

Use North Shore buses?

Auckland Transport launched changes to its North Shore bus services and timetables on Sunday 30 September.

Visit the Auckland Transport website to find out what those changes mean for you.

Image: The project team have completed temporary extensions to the southbound platform at Constellation Station to accommodate the changes to the North Shore bus services. Further upgrades are planned to begin in 2019.

Constellation Bus Station Aerial View August 2018

Northern Corridor Improvements Project

This project will provide better links for Northern Motorway (SH1) travellers in Auckland and improve transport options on the North Shore for freight, cars, pedestrians and cyclists. It includes a new motorway connection between SH1 and SH18, opening up access to the Western Ring Route and airport.

Click on the links below to view: 

A new approach to Traffic Management

Shared use path


View all updates on Northern Corridor Improvements Project by clicking HERE


Please NoteThe Northern Corridor Improvements Project will be lowering Rosedale Road underneath the Northern Motorway by approx. 1.5m to allow additional headroom for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. This work will require a full closure of Rosedale Road between Tawa Drive and Triton Drive with detours in place. The work is programmed between Thursday 3 January and Sunday 13 January 2019

New North Harbour Hockey Facility 

The new facility will be something that our community can be proud of. It will provide international standard facilities for our clubs, competitions, schools and Association programmes, including our regional HEART Academy. The facility will also provide a training base for the Vantage Black Sticks. 

Click on the links below to read more: 

Rosedale Bus Station 

Business North Harbour will keep you updated on the latest developments with the Rosedale Bus Station project. You can also visit the NZTA website to find out more. 



September 2018 update

Design update

The design team has been busy refining the key design elements and progressing work on the architecture and station facilities. Key features that have been incorporated include a new mezzanine floor that will connect to platforms on either side of the busway lanes, making it safer and easier for customers to reach their platforms to board the Northern Express services. For cyclists, undercover secure bike parking facilities have been incorporated in at least two locations to encourage more people to cycle to the station. 



All technical experts are still working through the various assessments to better understand how the station may affect the neighbouring land, environment, traffic and community. All these reports will feed into the consent application, still on track to be lodged later this year. 



AT has been working on a Parking Strategy based on the parking survey that was undertaken in late March/early April 2017. The study area was within an 800m radius from the bus station. The results were fairly predictable with a 90% average peak time weekday occupancy and 83% of parking usage is classified as ‘long-stay’ (four hours or more).  From this data and in line with AT’s Parking Strategy from 2015, AT are working on a priced parking scenario that could be designed to allow for short-term free or low cost parking to encourage business users, or alternatively a parking price cap to allow people to park all day at a reasonable price. AT will work with Business North Harbour, the Local Board and wider community to agree on a viable solution at least one-year prior to the planned opening of the new Rosedale Busway Station.


Local bus feeder services

Approximately one-year before the Rosedale Busway Station is complete, the bus network will be reviewed and further changes will be made. This will be supported by consultation and feedback from the local community and stakeholders with a view to re-routing and improving bus services to the new station.

Community feedback reports 

Feedback from community engagement - January to March 2018



Reduce Congestion

Business North Harbour members have reported concerns around congestion in the area. As a result we have introduced, in collaboration with key stakeholders, the following key initiatives.

North Shore bus network

Auckland Transport implemented a new bus network on the North Shore, Warkworth and Kowhai Coast. 

  • Almost everything about the North Shore bus network has changed since Sunday 30 September
  • There are new bus routes, new route numbers and new timetables. There are new bus stops, while some existing bus stops will close. Buses will look different
  • The New Network will be simple and easy to understand
  • There will be more buses coming more often
  • There will be better connections between services, making it easier to get to more places by bus

Plan your trip by checking out Auckland Transport's Journey Planner

Have you considered your transport options?

Get in touch with us and let us help you plan your journey! Click to register for a travel plan. 

Parking Solutions

The North Harbour area is at near maximum parking capacity due to employment numbers exceeding available parking spaces. Together with Auckland Transport, Business North Harbour is working to find solutions for local businesses with employees who may be leaving home earlier to beat the rush and find a car park. Here are a few options for you:

  • Use public transport - contact us as we have a limited 2 week FREE trial* with AT HOP
  • Carpooling - download the SMART TRAVEL APP that connects you to other travellers
  • Finding other available car parks - ask surrounding businesses if they have available space.
  • Cycling - feeling a bit rusty? Auckland Transport organise free bike training sessions. Click here to book
  • Walking
  • Investing in a scooter or motorbike

*Contact Sarah for your AT HOP card (terms and conditions apply):

Remember you won't just be saving money - you'll be more environmentally friendly too!

Employer Resources: Travel planning for business

We can assist local businesses, and companies relocating to the North Harbour Business Improvement District by creating travel plans for employees.

Travel planning for employees can help to improve reliability, ease apprehensions over changes to their daily commute, and demonstrates a commitment to employee satisfaction.

Find out more...

Electric Vehicles & Bikes

If you want to stay ahead in business, it's time to go electric. Reduce the running costs of your business vehicles and reduce your carbon emissions from transport by 80%. 

The Government has an electric vehicle programme to accelerate both domestic and business uptake.

Interested in learning more?


Cycling is a great fleet option for businesses. Trial the world’s lightest electric bikes with Auckland Transport.

Electric bikes are bicycles with a small electric motor that assist the rider's pedal-power. They are increasing in popularity and number.

E-bikes have many advantages:

  •     Allow every employee to conquer the hills of Auckland without breaking a sweat.
  •     Rechargeable batteries that provide a low cost alternative to fleet vehicles and taxis
  •     Reduced fleet car parking requirements.
  •     They are clean and green.

We can arrange a free introductory workshop through Auckland Transport for your business and discounted hire for a trial period. 

For standard push bikes, AT offer bikes and equipment to trial for one month to make it easy for your business to trial cycling during business hours.

Ask for an electric bike trial


Flexible working gives people the opportunity change their hours, days or the location where they work. Flexi-working allows people to work remotely, avoid travelling in peak hour traffic and work around personal commitments.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent or daily arrangement, flexi-working just 1 or 2 days a week could be a great choice if it fits with your business or work schedule.

What are the benefits?

Flexi-working allows employees to better manage workloads and personal commitments, which means:

  • Reduced stress levels.
  • Lower absenteeism.
  • Happier staff with increased job satisfaction.
  • Lower staff turnover.

Commuting to work can be stressful. Travelling outside of peak hours and working from home can help to reduce stress and peak congestion. It can also benefit the environment and the economy. 


Examples of flexi-working

  • Working from home or another location (satellite office), also known as teleworking.
  • Working a non-standard week (Tuesday to Saturday).
  • Flexible working hours (variable start/finish times, a compressed working week, for example, a nine day fortnight).
  • Job sharing.
  • Taking time off in lieu of extra hours worked.                              
  • Swapping shifts.

Technology makes it easy

  • There's a range of technology available to allow staff and their workplaces to telework, stay connected with colleagues and access business information. Most staff need nothing more than a computer compatible with their workplace system and a broadband connection.
  • Most companies have secure access arrangements, check out your company’s policy and procedures with your Information Technology department.

Find out more about flexi-working policies on the Business NZ website

Safety and Access

This area of Business North Harbour’s operations affects everyone working, living, visiting or studying within the North Harbour Business Improvement District. 

Ease of access is a main focus of Business North Harbour, as we aim to improve access to and from the industrial estate. We will continue to advocate on your behalf, and work with Auckland Transport and NZTA to develop comprehensive plans for main arterial routes such as Constellation Drive, Rosedale Road and Apollo Drive. 

We aim to gain understanding of the mid-term to long-term plans for these routes so that businesses and property owners can plan with confidence, and there is minimal impact on their day-to-day operations. 

To read more about submissions that we have made to Auckland Transport please see documents below:


Road Updates

  • Road Closures and Updates are regularly posted to our news page

Current Projects

  • Rosedale Busway Station
  • Northern Corridor Improvements (NCI): commenced February 2018 and due to run till 2021
  • Tawa Drive and Rosedale Road: Queue activated roundabout
  • Spencer Bridge: walking and cycling bridge over the motorway
  • Park ’n’ Ride overflow: Discussions are underway with Auckland Transport and Parkway businesses. Business North Harbour has conducted bus patron surveys. 
  • SH1 & Upper Harbour Highway Upgrade
  • Constellation Drive
    • Eastbound: Signage highlighting that the Clearway only applies from 7am-9am.
    • Westbound: Increase clearway area from 4pm-6pm.
  • Rosedale & Triton Intersection: Auckland Transport to conduct a survey.

Completed Projects

  • Omega Drive: General speeding and 'boy racers' over the weekends-Auckland Transport currently reviewing, and will conduct a survey.
  • Douglas Alexander Parade:
    • 9 Douglas Alexander Parade: Approved by Auckland Transport to replace street surface-contractors to complete.
    • 13 Douglas Alexander Parade:  Yellow lines approved by Auckland Transport-to be completed in April.
  • Apollo Drive: Two options for pedestrian crossings - Auckland Transport reviewing.
  • Raised Roundabout on the Corner of Corinthian Drive and Dataway
  • Intersection of Rosedale and Triton 
  • Hockey sticks for the street - William Pickering Drive
  • Tawa Drive - the need for a sign to notify drivers that there is a clearway ahead -(enabling users to use both lanes).
  • The removal of 3 car parks before 46 Tawa Dr, to increase the restricted visibility
  • Yellow lines on the corners of Triton and Canaveral
  • Picnic tables in the park - Douglas Alexander
  • Remarking road after road reseal - Henry Rose Place and Tawa/Rosedale Roundabout
  • Hockey sticks on Miro Place as there has been an increase in cars parked due to the clearway on Tawa Drive. 
  • Apollo Drive, Arrenway Drive and Orbit Drive: Safety concern and emergency vehicle accessibility at roundabouts - Yellow lines completed.
  • Piermark Drive: Containers and trailers left on road have been removed and the area will be monitored.
  • Ceres Court: Real estate signs that were reducing visibility have been removed.
  • Constellation Drive: Traffic Lights: Change of sequence at peak times to be reviewed.​

  • Tawa Drive: Clearway has been approved by Auckland Transport-contractors to complete.
  • Pedestrian Refuges on Apollo and Orbit Drive 


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