Our first ever Conference was held on the 31 August at QBE Stadium and prompted businesses to think about their business and help them align their vision with practical steps to deliver their targets and make their vision a reality.  

The theme for the Conference was 'Organisational Development with a focus on Human Resources'.

We asked them to:

  1. Evaluate where your business has come from and ask yourself: 'Where is my business going, and/or where do I see my business in 2 years?'
  2. Once you have an idea of the answer, ask yourself: What do I need to change to achieve this?
  3. This will then lead to an action, so ask yourself: 'Who will contribute to this vision and accompany me on this journey?'.

We also had panel discussions based on the latest methods of attracting and retaining the right talent, while exploring compliance in terms of H&S and employee well-being. A full booklet of our events programme and speakers below: 

Our next conference is scheduled for 2018, if you have any suggestions on topics and themes please contact

Download Speaker Presentations:

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