Business North Harbour – Business Update

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Business North Harbour is delighted to announce that we will be back in the office from Monday 18th May, resuming our normal office hours. Whilst we have endeavoured as far as possible to maintain business as usual remotely, it will be awesome to return to our business premises where we will be vigilant in maintaining the latest hygiene and social distancing recommendations and request any visitors to do likewise.

We sincerely hope that all our members find themselves in a position to make a positive move forward in Alert Level 2, as we all take a big step towards shaping our new normal. Business North Harbour will continue to support our members to get through the current situation by advocating to Council for financial relief/support and by updating and sharing the useful information, links and resources available relating to COVID-19 on our website and via our social media platforms.

Business North Harbour will also encourage members to start using and promoting our new ‘Buy North Harbour’ Facebook Group and we will continue to encourage everyone to support our business members by buying local. We understand that the road ahead for many members will still be an uphill struggle and we hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well, as together we strive to successfully navigate towards Alert Level 1 and beyond.

Best regards

Kevin O’Leary – General Manager, Business North Harbour

Peter Green

Peter Green