Arborlab Consultancy Services Ltd

Arborlab is committed to excellence in the field of arboriculture with particular speciality in the areas of Local Authority Urban Forestry Management and infrastructure development.

Arborlab offers its services throughout New Zealand and has provided services for a number of the larger Local Authorities in New Zealand. Arborlab is an independent specialist arboriculture business, tree consulting company, which allows the company to deliver a high quality product at a competitive price. Arborlab is one of the oldest established Arboricultural Consultancy Companies in New Zealand. Over the years Arborlab has gained extensive skills and experience in the field of Arboriculture, while developing excellent working relationships with their clients.

Assessing trees, providing tree reports and undertaking tree protection supervision and monitoring requires the skills of a qualified and experienced Arborist. Arborlab Consultancy services Ltd have a team of Qualified Arborist and are committed to continuing their education.

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