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Honest & clear clinical guidance lets our patients achieve health. Our expertise, skills and advanced instrumentation allows our practice to provide Progressive Dental Care. The outcomes are more predictable & costs are clear.

Kiwi dentists, all trained in Otago combine with the best materials we can access to make dental care straightforward. Dr Craig Campbell & Dr LingFeng Soo lead the team, with the ability to provide both General and Specialist Care.

The Practice established in 2001 and has helped 10,000 patients in this time. Our ability to simplify advanced clinical concepts for patients allowing them to take their time to consider longevity, value and quality has meant our patients only get the care they desire.

Dr Craig Campbell’s skills are broad including Advanced Cosmetic makeovers, Tooth Replacements, Full mouth reconstructions with the option of treatment under Intravenous Sedation for those who find dentistry difficult.

Dr LingFeng Soo is a Specialist Periodontist. Providing advanced management of gum disease and the reconstruction of teeth and tissues lost through disease or trauma, her patients can retain or replace teeth that would otherwise be lost.
Her specialist practice operates on both self-referrals and professional referrals from other all over Auckland.

Our team also include Dr Aftab Moosa & Dr Simon Oliver who are both Otago trained General Dental Practitioners with extensive expertise in the management of all areas of Dentistry. We utilize the most advanced materials we can access, and with NZ dentistry privately funded, often the best materials in the world are placed right here within our surgeries.

To support our community, we provide access to the Publicly funded Adolescent Oral Health Contract, providing dental care to teenagers, from their 13th birthday until they turn 18. This care is provided and administered by Dr Moosa and Dr Oliver allowing the children to receive quality care during this critical developmental period.

Our two Hygienists Ms Lisa Brookes and Ms Karen Marshall are familiar faces in Albany as they have been with our team for more than a decade. Providing comfortable cleaning, polishing and maintenance of your dentition, they maintain the state of health once it is achieved. Helping you look great, they can whiten your teeth, provide dietary advise and assist you in understanding how to take care of your Oral Health.

Together, our team make Progressive Dental Care accessible for everyone.

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