Edvance receives funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Workplace Literacy (WLN) funding pool and uses this funding to support the delivery of learning programmes to clients. Programmes are tailor-made to meet each clients needs and are delivered across multiple and culturally diverse employer sites nationwide.

Our tailor-made programmes have a focus on communication, leadership, literacy and numeracy skills and can be NZQA credit or non-credit programmes.

We are a Category 1 – NZQA accredited and Tertiary Education Commission registered workplace literacy and numeracy provider.

We offer:
* 100% Tertiary Education Commission funded programmes (eligibility criteria applies)
* Programmes designed to meet your specific company needs
* Training onsite at your workplace
* Small group sessions – six to ten people
* 2 to 4 hours of training per week.

Training topics can include:
* Communication skills
* Health & Safety skills
* Problem solving
* Understanding workplace documentation
* Filling out forms
* English for speakers of other languages
* Computer skills
* Time management
* Workplace writing – professional emails and documents
* Leading a team
* Workplace calculations.

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