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Fit20 is providing a High Intensity Training in 20 minutes per week. You train alone or with a partner. Always on appointment and under the guidance of a personal trainer. There is no loud music, no mirrors or other people than you and the trainer. We like to train with focus and attention to get the most out of your training. The studio is cooled to 17 degrees C, so no sweating involved. You can come in in your own clothes no showering necessary afterwards. You do six different exercises on 6 machines and are training all the big muscle groups. We train at the highest level possible for you but with very slow movements. By giving the muscles a strong impulse during the recovery the week after the muscles will strengthen and your body gets stronger, fitter and you will feel healthier. We keep track of your results and guarantee results after 3 months! At Fit20 we give personal attention so that we can add strength to your life.

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