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Flow Software offers a new approach to data integration and electronic data interchange (EDI) that reduces the time, cost and risk of traditional bespoke integration. Flow delivers a solution that can be configured to perfectly fit your business, providing immediate return on investment.

What does Flow do? Flow moves data. Flow Software develops and distributes software that enables the movement of data between systems, applications and businesses. Flow is primarily used to integrate customer’s applications (ERP, Accounting, CRM, POS, WMS etc.) and to enable the exchanging of data (EDI) between a business and its trading partners (Suppliers and Customers) e.g. Purchase orders, invoices etc. Flow is also used to build purpose built off the shelf integration products.

Flow is used by over 500 large and small businesses in New Zealand and Australia across multiple industries’s and sectors connecting over 100 different types of business applications.

Flow provides a platform for all integration and EDI needs. Customers love us because we address immediate needs and provide a platform for future needs so:
– best of breed business applications can be selected avoiding customisation and development of core applications
– customers and suppliers meet the needs of the trading partners while eliminating manual data entry, reducing inaccuracies and overhead costs.

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