We hear it time and time again. Change is the one constant. But how do we cope with change? How do we manage through it and how do we lead through it?

Most coaching models focus on teaching you what to do. You get suggestions and advice on how to change your business, change your lifestyle or boost your finances. But few coaching models focus on you – the person facing into all this. So whilst business coaching might give you relief around your marketing or your processes, changes don’t necessarily carry into your personal relationships, your financial arrangements or your lifestyle.

I provide space and structure to explore all areas of your life and work, because you’re the person who needs to adapt fast, not your business. I encourage you to understand how you operate so that you can design different ways of dealing with change. The more you’re able to drop old mental habits and challenge your own opinions, the more flexible and dynamic your responses will be to change.

There’s rigour behind my work. My training as a Genratec coach covers change methodologies, the latest in developmental theories and even ego development. My desire to push deeper into the theories behind my work means I work on my own development every week. Just like my clients.

If you took a 360 degree tour around your life, would you see perfection in every corner? Or would you see places where your performance isn’t where you want it to be? Have you got a curiosity about you that makes you want to be a different business owner, colleague or partner? Would you like to design your own way through change rather than being pulled around by it? If this sounds like you, get in touch and let’s have a conversation. You aren’t the same as everyone else and this style of coaching is carefully designed to fit with individuals who want to lead their own lives to the full.

You can reach me by phone 021 121 9482, or email

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