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Helen Fitness offers leadership and team coaching and development to SMEs, small cap companies, innovators and start-ups.

Private clients contact me when

  • Despite being a high performer, they feel like they’re hiding a secret that their lives are unraveling behind the scenes.
  • They work so hard to be the best at what they do & to grow the business, it’s beginning to affect their health.
  • They’re at a career crossroads after many years of career focus—they’re not sure whether to keep going “all in” or do something completely different.
  • Their exacting standards to which they work (& expect everyone else to work) is both a blessing & a curse—they end up doing everything themselves.
  • Outwardly, they’re a success-oriented high-performer. Inwardly, they feel they’re not good enough, their self-worth often tied up in job titles & salary brackets.

Business leaders call me when:

  • Their top performing technical or sales employee is becoming their worst performing new team leader as they struggle to transition to leadership.
  • HR & senior leaders receive complaints from employees that their leaders are micro-managing them, making team cohesion & performance suffer.
  • Leaders are struggling with the workload and challenges that “double-hatting” brings.
  • They can’t break down the “silo mentality” that stops teams from collaborating across cross-functional teams, preventing projects from being completed on time & within budget, or winning big clients.
  • They have trouble attracting & retaining young talent in a competitive market.
  • They receive human capital reports indicating that employee retention rates are low.

Private one-to-one executive coaching is available where leaders need a trusted, confidential advisor to help them be more effective leading the company through complex times.

Products & Services

Creative design & leadership of strategic “off-site” days without losing sight of clear business outcomes, visioning, culture, innovation, & team workshops. Design & delivery of holistic leadership programs, team performance & workshops that unleash performance, collaboration, innovation & agility for leaders & teams in an A.I. world. Confidential one-to-one Executive leadership development—an independent thinking partner. World class internship & graduate program design & implementation. Design & implementation of mentorship & sponsorship programs. Self-assessments, 360 assessments & briefings using the innovative i4 Neuroleader model to create a brain healthy culture. Workshops, seminars & retreats designed with your specific needs in mind. Employee engagement analysis & independent confidential focus groups. Bespoke one-to-one coaching & people consulting.

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