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Smartlife provides easy to use, integrated Smart systems for Home and Businesses, giving everyday people easy access to the benefits of technology whilst removing complexity. Smartlife offers a wide range of solutions – from the Smartlife Air DIY retrofit options, Smartlife Pro packages to Smartlife Custom for bespoke systems for luxury homes, commercial and super-yachts.
Integrated Security while you are home or away, easy to use entertainment and quality audio, automated comfort and energy efficiency. Recognising the importance of an interactive experience, Smartlife is setting up a chain of Technology Showrooms where people can experience the options, get indicative pricing and see how smart technology can add value for them. The highly experienced Smartlife team demonstrate the options and guide their clients through selecting the best solution for their needs and budget. Combining and integrating best in class control solutions with a wide variety of alarms, CCTV, access control, lighting and electrical control, HVAC control, motorised blinds and drapes, solar, amplifiers, video distribution, digital display, smart TVs, projectors, touch screens, apps and accessories sourced locally and internationally through SmartTech Distribution enable Smartlife to offer a unique range of solutions to New Zealand homes and businesses.

With over 10 years in the industry, Smartlife identified the need for a solution that was flexible and cost-effective. Our Tech development company, Smartlife Labs, has a large team of dedicated Software Developers and Engineers who have developed a customisable App, Smart Hub and IoT platform that allows customers to connect and control an extensive range of smart devices for Home and Commercial applications. This solution is developed in New Zealand and provides our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that support is available locally.

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Smartlife offers a wide range of solutions - from DIY retrofit options to Pro packages to Custom Design for luxury homes, commercial and super-yachts.Smartlife home technology enables you to select the aspects that make the biggest difference for you and your family.Smart Home Entertainment- Whether it's kicking back after a hard day or entertaining friends and family, a quality entertainment system is an essential part of your home.Lighting - Control your lights remotely and turn them on and off automatically using our Lighting and Electrical control systems.Security & CCTV- Your home, and more specifically the family within it, are the most important things in your life. Keep them secure with our sophisticated home security systems which can be monitored and controlled directly from the Smartlife App.Access Control & Delivery - Remotely allow access to selected areas of the house for important deliveries or friendly neighbours when necessary.Energy Efficiency - With Smartlife Energy you are now in a position to get all the benefits from not just monitoring your power consumption but having your Smartlife system make intelligent automation decisions.Aged Care and Monitoring- Smartlife Care provides passive monitoring designed to alert when someone needs help without the occupant having to wear a device or press a panic button while also helping elderly people to operate their entertainment and electrical equipment. off-the-shelf packages and DIY options -

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