The Safety Brains Trust

We’re a collaboration of thought leaders in the field of safe outcomes education.

Our SOFt™ Programme is a first-of-kind and world-class modular proactive behavioural safety programme that uses soft skills to create awareness, impart knowledge and teach real-world skills to help people thrive in our rapidly changing environment.

The skills make real impactful difference though valuable insights and changes of attitudes stimulated at core value level by provoking people beyond traditional thinking.

SOFt™ is, in essence, a transformational thinking programme that is grounded in reliable science: as such the course content will develop as science evolves.

The modules are staggered; with a minimum of a week between each so that learning can sink in and skills acquired can be applied to the real world.

We are available to coach, mentor and inspire as guest speakers or the delivery of unique health and safety talks on site.

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