Vertical Horizonz New Zealand

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) specialising in health and safety and industry training. Our primary focus is on higher risk industries where real training saves lives, and then applying these learning principles to a wider and increasingly global market. We are recognised as the pre-eminent leader of quality, customisable and real training solutions. Our safety solutions empower standout business performance for our clients.

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand trains in the following categories: Health and Safety, First Aid, Chemical Safety, Fire and Emergency, Working at Height, Confined Spaces, Rural, Transport and Licencing, Crane, Adult Education, Leadership, and Youth and Gateway.

Our team knows, understands and operates under our values of Respect: We respect the value of safety. We embrace the responsibility of providing safe environments for workplaces by making training meaningful; Leadership: We provide our clients with the solutions they need in a positive, supportive and uncompromising manner; and Empowerment: We champion safety to empower. We operate like a family and we care for each other’s safety.

Our unwavering dedication to safety is rooted in our service to our customers. It is through our greater safety training experiences that we empower revolutionary change for industry, business and individuals.

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