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route optimisation

Sarah de Zwart is BNH’s transport and relationship manager. As part of her regular contact with Auckland Transport (AT), she provides details of traffic area hotspots and members’ concerns. What follows is a summary of Sarah’s recent report and AT’s responses.

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East Coast Road and Constellation Drive intersection

Left-turning vehicles from Constellation onto East Coast Road are unable to move left into the double lanes ahead due to the derelict section of T2 lane. This causes unnecessary queues behind right turning traffic onto East Coast Road from Constellation.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Change the T2 section of Constellation from Apollo Drive to East Coast Road into a clearway.

AT’s response

The guiding principle for Constellation Drive is people movement, which justifies the rationale for the Special Vehicle Lane (T2 in this case). There is high frequency of buses using this corridor, especially during peak periods. Reverting down to a clearway /general traffic lane would be going against the guiding principle. Notwithstanding this, we have passed your concerns on to ATOC (Auckland Transport Operations Centre) to investigate if any changes can be made with respect to signal phasing and timing.

BNH’s Response

We have asked to re-review, reminding AT that the T2 does not continue onto East Coast Road, therefore from Apollo Drive it is rendered obsolete.

Bush Road, turning left onto Albany Expressway

Left-turning vehicles are stuck behind the straight-ahead and right-turning vehicles.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Start the divide earlier for the left lane by utilising the spare land.

Review: The traffic signal lights for the intersection with right-turning and straight-ahead traffic.

AT’s response

The topography of Bush Road is not conducive to utilising the adjacent spare land for additional carriageway, in this case the left-turn lane. In addition to retaining walls, service and light pole relocations, significant geotechnical testing will also need to be undertaken to confirm feasibility of this option. Hence, because of the associated costs and uncertainties, this would not be a typical “low cost, low risk” intervention funded by the Optimisation programme.

BNH’s Response

We have requested the recommended team within AT to review this hot spot.

Ramp Road and Sunset Road intersection

Left-turning vehicles are held up in the build-up of vehicles turning right. Cars are resorting to turning left and performing U-turns.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Clearway on the eastern side from 3.00 pm (rather than 4.00 pm).

Review: Roundabout on the corner of Ramp, Sunset and Sycamore Roads.

AT’s response

There is an existing proposal to signalise this intersection. During investigation we came across some geotechnical issues that needed further investigation. We are waiting on the final outcome of the geotechnical investigation before we can make any improvements.

T2 lane usage across the North Harbour district

Increased driver knowledge of the T2 lanes. Drivers are unsure when they can use the lanes, which causes unnecessary erratic lane changing.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: A dual targeted approach with:
• Driver education with temporary street signage to remind drivers they can use the lanes outside the recorded hours.
• Media promotion.

AT’s response

We will see how this can be internally reviewed by other teams as it involves media promotion.

Apollo Drive, Omega Street, Corinthian Drive

Due to the area being at full occupational capacity, combined with high congestion, BNH has safety concerns for our members exiting their premises. This is due to cars parking over driveways, thereby limiting visibility and access. In addition to the ongoing speeding concerns.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Implementation of speed reduction techniques (speed humps or similar).

Recommendation: Hockey stick road markings on the designated streets.

AT’s response

Passed onto Traffic Engineering for further investigation.

Constellation Drive between Ascension Place and Apollo Drive

The two streets are just over 100 metres apart. In peak times, members report that it is hard to pull out from Ascension into the single lane on Constellation and then move back again to turn left onto Apollo.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Removal of the T2 lane. Alternatively, exempt ticketing for the vehicles pulling out of Ascension Place and indicating to turn left into Apollo.

AT’s response

This request is still to be reviewed by AT.

Rose Garden Apartments, Don McKinnon Drive

Dual carriageway confusion with vehicles turning right onto a one-way road.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Better signage.

AT’s response

Merit in progressing this further. Your request has been passed onto Traffic Engineering for further investigation.

Update: This has now been completed.

60-80 Paul Matthews Road

Members have expressed safety concerns when crossing the busy road.

BNH’s comments to AT

Recommendation: Pedestrian refuge or crossing (working in with the Northern Corridor Improvement developments).

AT’s response

Thanks for your feedback on this. We have added this to our list of projects for on-site observations once the lockdown has been lifted. Following on-site observations, a decision will be made regarding progressing this project further.

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