Rosedale Bus Station Update

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Design update

The design team has been busy refining the key design elements and progressing work on the architecture and station facilities. Key features that have been incorporated include a new mezzanine floor that will connect to platforms on either side of the busway lanes, making it safer and easier for customers to reach their platforms to board the Northern Express services. For cyclists, undercover secure bike parking facilities have been incorporated in at least two locations to encourage more people to cycle to the station. A couple of the latest artist impression drawings are featured in the attached Consultation Overview (note that we’re currently updating these drawings as they show the incorrect layout for the shared walking and cycling paths so I’ll send over revised versions later this week).


All technical experts are still working through the various assessments to better understand how the station may affect the neighbouring land, environment, traffic and community. All these reports will feed into the consent application, still on track to be lodged later this year.


AT has been working on a Parking Strategy based on the parking survey that was undertaken in late March/early April 2017. The study area was within an 800m radius from the bus station. The results were fairly predictable with a 90% average peak time weekday occupancy and 83% of parking usage is classified as ‘long-stay’ (four hours or more). From this data and in line with AT’s Parking Strategy from 2015, a preferred option would be a priced parking scenario that could be designed to allow for short-term free or low cost parking to encourage business users, or alternatively a parking price cap to allow people to park all day at a reasonable price. AT will work with Business North Harbour, the Local Board and wider community to agree on a viable solution at least one-year prior to the planned opening of the new Rosedale Busway Station.

Local bus feeder services

We’re aware AT’s New Network team is currently providing updates on the New Network roll-out scheduled for later this year. As outlined previously, approximately one-year before the Rosedale Busway Station is complete, the bus network will be reviewed and further changes will be made. This will be supported by consultation and feedback from the local community and stakeholders with a view to re-routing and improving bus services to the new station.

Kate Thorpe

Kate Thorpe