Work under alert Level 2 restrictions

Alternative ways of working under Alert Level 2 are being encouraged by the Government, such as remote working, shift-based working, physical distancing, staggering meal breaks and flexible leave. 

To consider travelling outside of usual peak hours (7:00-9:00am and 3:00-7:00pm) where possible. This not only supports physical distancing as more people return to work, but also helps reduce peak congestion and the strain on public transport to make sure everyone can get to where they need to go quickly and safely.

With paid parking to resume for both on and off-street parking under Alert Level 2. Enforcement of parking restrictions, bus lanes and other special vehicle lanes will also resume. 

Many Aucklanders may choose to walk or cycle, continuing on from the increased activity at Alert Level 3 and 4, and we encourage people to continue doing so as this is a great option to maintain safe physical distancing.

AT is in the process of reviewing the effectiveness of the temporary walking and cycling lanes that were introduced at Alert Level 3. Some of these lanes may continue to operate at Alert Level 2 in order to help ensure that people on bikes and walking can stay safe and maintain the physical distance requirements that are so important to helping us break the chain of COVID-19 infection.  

Businesses and organisations with large numbers of employees may need to look at a wide variety of transport options and actively plan to accommodate their employee’s needs.

For travel planning resources and advice for businesses please visit AT Website.

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Peter Green

Peter Green