Workplace security during lock-down period

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A reminder to please be extremely vigilant with your security measures leading up to and throughout the four-week lockdown period. The Business North Harbour contracted security patrols will continue to operate throughout this period and we also urge businesses to adhere to the crime prevention lock-up procedures as follows:


Share information with your business neighbours (i.e. your planned shut down period).


Check that your property is locked down and secured.


Make sure that your security measures are fit for purpose (e.g. internal/external lighting is working, alarm sensors are working in all areas of your premises, ensure that your security monitoring company has updated keyholders listed for callout purposes).


Let your security patrol company know about any hours of work changes that are being implemented and adjust security visits accordingly.


Remember to always call 105 if any suspicious behaviour is occurring or call 111 for any emergency that is or has occurred.

Peter Green

Peter Green