Next Office Inorganic Collection will take place on Thur 5th – Fri 6th September 2024.

BNH has two office inorganic collections a year which usually occur in March and September. We have negotiated a special minimum discounted rate of $49.00 plus GST per cubic metre collected (i.e. equivalent to a small garden trailer load) for our members. Pick-ups are made from your business premises (not the road side) and will be organised with you directly by our collection partner Abilities Group once you have registered for a collection. This is the perfect opportunity to clear out your unwanted old office furniture, equipment and e-waste that is items cluttering up valuable workspace. To ensure we minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill, Abilities Group sorts everything, separating scrap metal, plastics, wood, glass, paper and cardboard.

Accepted Items: Large appliances (i.e. fridges, freezers, washing machines and ovens); Small appliances (i.e. kettles, irons and vacuum cleaners); Furniture (i.e. beds, chairs, kitchen items and ornaments); Sporting items (gym equipment, bicycles and toys); Renovation equipment (i.e. tools, fixtures and fittings, baths and sinks); Outdoors items (i.e. lawnmowers, barbecues, garden tools and outdoor furniture); Electronics (i.e. TVs, computers, phones and DVD players); Cardboard; E-Waste (i.e. monitors, cables, servers, etc.); Molded polystyrene ***Not PE LOPE or sheets containing fire retardant

Not Accepted: Bags of rubbish; Toner cartridges; Recyclable packaging; Garden waste (i.e. grass clippings, tree and hedge trimmings); Automotive items (i.e. tyres and car parts); Building and trade waste (i.e. plasterboard, rubble, concrete and bricks); Liquids (i.e. oil, petrol, paint and chemicals); Hazardous waste (i.e. broken glass, poisons, batteries and medical waste); Asbestos (i.e. fibrolite, floor coverings, lagging and ceiling coating); Gas cylinders (i.e. CNG or LPG containers); PE LOPE or polystyrene with fire retardant (usually sheets)

For more information contact Dave Loader via email at: