Kevin o'leary

General Manager

Phone: 09 968 2222
Mobile: 027 479 9563

“I’m delighted to have been appointed into the general manager position at Business North Harbour and welcome the opportunity to support our business community. I’m keen to build upon the strong relationships with businesses and key stakeholders that currently exist and will also be looking to develop new networks and relationships moving forward.

My own personal values are how I want BNH to operate where integrity, trust and respect are the norm as we continue to support local North Harbour business and commercial property owners to maximise their financial return and business potential.”

Sarah de Zwart

Relationship Manager and Transport Projects

Mobile: 029 771 1731

Kate Thorpe

Office Manager

Phone: 09 968 2222
Mobile: 027 486 0348

Dave Loader

Crime Prevention Specialist and Social Responsibility Manager

Mobile:  021 560 287

Peter Green

Marketing and Events Manager

Mobile:  027 645 5114