Update: SH1 Upper Harbour Highway northbound offramp

While Auckland Transport been working to upgrade the Upper Harbour Highway/Constellation Drive interchange, the far-left lane of the SH1 Upper Harbour Highway northbound offramp has remained closed. With the interchange upgrades nearly completed, the far-left lane will open in November.

Part of the upgrades in this area has included new traffic islands and streetlights, widening the footpaths and installing new traffic signal equipment including upgrading the IT systems which run the light phasing across interchange’s two onramps and two offramps. It’s a complex location which requires 47 different light signal aspects to ensure everyone can get around and help manage congestion during peak times. Each of the 47 light signal aspects all need to ‘talk to each other’ to ensure optimised sequencing and efficiency of the interchange for all modes of transport – whether on foot, by bike or whilst driving a vehicle.

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Working in a busy urban environment which thousands of vehicles travel through each day means we can’t close motorway lanes or intersections to get some of the necessary construction tasks we have to carry out during the day. At the moment, a lot of work is done at night when traffic volumes are lower so we have a much smaller impact on the Auckland motorway network which is vital for Auckland’s economy.

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert