Business North Harbour Business Support Opportunity

Business North Harbour Business Support Opportunity:

BNH is continually looking for ways to better connect, communicate and collaborate with members. We know that owning and running a business no matter the size can be exhilarating, isolating and lonely at times, so we are excited to introduce a pilot programme designed to bring business people together.

Whilst the programme will kick off with an in-person meeting of all participants hosted by BNH, the programme will be primarily virtual via LinkedIn and a closed LinkedIn Group. To help support business owners the pilot programme will:

  • Introduce you and your company, to provide a clear profile for other members of the pilot.
  • Introduce ideas where support is desirable from peers, or resources are available for peers to use.
  • Facilitate interaction and discussion within the Group.
  • Facilitate and introduce personal and professional interactions within the group with the goal of developing deeper relationships between members.
  • Business between members may be a natural consequence of participation, however this is not the primary goal.

We would like to commence the pilot in November and whilst the time commitment involved will be at the discretion of each participant, there is an expectation that members will participate in the pilot for an initial six-month period.

If you are interested in being involved in the business support programme, please e-mail kevin@businessnh.org.nz by no later than Friday 28th October for further information.

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert