Communicate with Confidence

According to the Harvard Business Review’s recent survey of 100 CEOs, the two biggest areas of concern when they’re hiring new staff are confidence and communication. “Ordinary is no longer acceptable,” explained Laurie Sharp, ASB Bank’s head of coaching and development. “You’ll just be tossed onto the pile of mediocrity.”

This was Laurie’s third event for Business North Harbour, and his engaging presentation style ensured that his 115+ audience were entertained as well as informed.
Since the ability to communicate effectively is widely regarded as “the number one driver” for business success, Laurie offered a dynamic guided tour of his Six Keys to Great Communication:
• Purpose
• Preparation
• Structure
• Body language
• Voice
• Visual aids
He also shared some – useful and amusing – tips about handshake etiquette, why bending at the waist can help to overcome nerves, and how to avoid the dreaded “death by Powerpoint”.

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Kate Thorpe

Kate Thorpe