The lack of tailored marketing for SMB/SME

Irina Maliutina, a master student from Otago Polytechnic is seeking businesses help for completing her research project about the lack of tailored marketing for SMB/SME.

Irina Maliutina | Phone: 021 165 9438 | Email:

Project title: The lack of tailored marketing for SMB/SME.

My name is Irina Maliutina and I am completing a research project as part of my Master of Professional Practice through the Otago Polytechnic. My experience in marketing for over 15 years mainly in the corporate segment. At the moment, I want to create an effective marketing system that will help SMB/SME successfully compete with large enterprises.

The purpose of my research is to identify the reasons for the imbalance between the needs of small and medium businesses and enterprise (SMB/SME) in marketing and current marketing offers in this area. I’m looking for a contribution from any SMB owner or the person responsible for the SMB operation and business development. Your opinion about marketing and business development will be considered together with the views of other research participants. Based on this information, a research report will be produced. This report should help to find a balanced marketing offer that will be beneficial for SMB and will help them to be more sustainable. 

The interview topics

I’m interested in your subjective opinion about marketing as a whole and some particular areas. You will be asked about the following areas of marketing

  • Target audience profile
  • Competitor analysis
  • Branding
  • Sales incentive and loyalty programs
  • Marketing communications
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing automation

You  do not need to be a marketing specialist to answer these questions. My research focusses on your personal opinion about how useful these types of marketing could be for your particular business. It considers your experience in marketing.  Were these experiences positive or negative, and why? I’m interested to know if you work with marketing agencies or  business consultants and the reasons for your choices.

Please be aware about the interview details.

According to your preference, the interview can be conducted during a personal meeting or online with Zoom (secure) and it will take 30 minutes.  

There are no right or wrong answers.

No personal information will be used. Your data will remain confidential at all times and you consent to the publication of the results of the project with the understanding that your anonymity will be preserved.

My research has approval from the Otago Polytechnic Ethics Committee. If you have any questions about this research, please feel free to contact either: Facilitator James Harrison (email: or: Academic mentor Henk Roodt (email:

You can also withdraw any information that has already been supplied until the stage agreed on the consent form. 

You can refuse to answer any particular question and ask for the recording to be turned off at any stage of the interview.

This project has carried out under the auspices of the Otago Polytechnic Research Ethics Committee Category B Delegated Authority.  Contact Dr Glenys Forsyth for further information ( 021 0549 233)

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