Safer Business

Safer Business

Under the guidance of Business North Harbour's Crime Prevention Programme, the North Harbour industrial estate enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the country. This is due to a combination of education, tools, resources and the understanding of how changes in the area can affect crime.

Business owners and landlords reap the benefits of this through reduced insurance premiums, shared security initiatives and the services of a dedicated Crime Prevention Specialist.

The latest news and information regarding safer Business is uploaded regularly to our dedicated Keep Up To Date page.

Security Patrol

Since 2003 Business North Harbour have engaged a security contractor to provide nightly surveillance of the new BID area.

Armourguard Security have been appointed to conduct nightly security patrols, 365 days per year, to provide a further deterrent against burglaries and criminal activity. This patrol does not negate the need for individual companies or property owners to take responsibility for their own security.

Business North Harbour's crime prevention specialist manages this relationship on behalf of our members to identify areas at risk through the daily reports received. We offer direct support to property and business owners in the event of them becoming victims of crime. 

Vehicle Safety

Across Auckland, incidents regarding vehicle theft and security are on the increase, and North Harbour is no exception. Business North Harbour has invested in a specific programme aimed at reducing stolen number plates and theft ex cars. Practical resources such as multilingual signage and security number plate screws are available to protect employers, employees and visitors.

Dave, our Crime Prevention Specialist, is happy to visit your place of work and secure your number plates. 

We also have "Vehicle Safety" window stickers in Mandarin and Korean for restaurants who may need to notify their customers. 

Please contact Dave on:


If you have spare usable pallets, please let us know.  We will introduce you to other members who are desperate for them. This is a true win - win!

Your premises are kept safe and tidy without the cost of removal, and other local businesses can pick up your pallets and also reduce their overheads.

Please complete this FORM if you have pallets available for other businesses to reuse.

If you need pallets, please complete this FORM and we will be in touch to advise if we have any available.

Contact Dave Loader: 021 560 287 /

Site Visits

Business and property owners can make their environment significantly safer with a few simple steps, known as CPTED – crime prevention through environmental design. We conduct a physical inspection of the property, highlighting areas that could leave the occupants vulnerable to crime, such as lighting, vegetation, potential tools for breaking and entering (i.e. rocks, pallets), and unmanned entryways. Based on these findings, we then offer guidance on how the occupant can make their environment safer.

To book a site visit or discuss the resources available, please contact Dave Loader:  021 560 287 /


Increased globalisation brings both opportunities and threats. If North Harbour businesses are to maximise their growth opportunities within a global marketplace, without compromising the integrity of their business, customer database and intellectual property, they must have access to the latest cybersecurity training processes and resources.

Through our relationship with key industry experts Netsafe and Microsoft, plus stakeholders such as the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) and Unitec, we are able to provide our members with access to the latest cybersecurity best business practice knowledge.

We are committed to keeping you safe online. 



This is a formalised stakeholder partnership between Business North Harbour, NZ Police and Auckland Council. These regular meetings enable us to collaborate and manage regional crime trends and projects, and escalate local projects through combined resources.


Employee Well-being

Employee Health & Safety is vital for business growth and development.

It is important to keep up to date with the New Zealand health and safety legislation, to ensure your business is always compliant. 

Business North Harbour is not only concerned about day-to-day practicalities, such as whether businesses have removed all trip hazards, we also consider larger issues, such as educating our members on signs to look out for when an employee is experiencing violence or bullying.

We understand the significant potential cost to businesses though increased absenteeism, distractions, and reduced productivity demonstrated by affected employees. Therefore, in association with experts in this field, we have invested in developing relevant resources to help employers and employees access assistance, support and guidance.


Resources to download:

Online tool for SMEs to assess workplace health and well-being

A FREE online health and wellbeing assessment tool for small to medium businesses Good4Work, has been launched with the aim to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. 



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