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SH18 Night Works Notification
As part of the upgrade of SH18/Upper Harbour Highway to...
Work under alert Level 2 restrictions
Alternative ways of working under Alert Level 2 are being...
Travel under Level 2 restrictions
The Government has announced that New Zealand will be moving...
Travel under Level 3 restrictions
The Government has announced that New Zealand will be moving...
COVID-19 – Important changes to how we travel on buses
Kia ora, As COVID-19 develops, Auckland Transport and its operators...
Northern Pathway
Project introduction The Northern Pathway project will provide a seamless...

Better Transport

Business North Harbour members have identified easy access, environmental concerns and improved public transport options as high priorities.

We’re here to actively represent your interests. To do this effectively, we need you to share your opinions and ideas on the infrastructure consultation processes that our growing area demands.

BNH works primarily in partnership with Auckland Transport (AT) and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to develop initiatives that ensure North Harbour remains a desirable place to live, work, socialise, play or own a commercial property.

Safety and Access

This critical area affects everyone within the North Harbour Business
Improvement District (BID), be they workers, students, residents or visitors.

Business North Harbour’s main focus is improved ease of access to and from, and within the Business Improvement District area. 

We continue to advocate on your behalf and work with AT, NZTA and other transport related organisations to develop comprehensive plans for main developments within the area including the Northern Corridor Improvements (new motorway connections) and Watercare’s future proofing Auckland’s wastewater, in addition to providing feedback on the arterial routes such as Constellation Drive, Apollo Drive and Rosedale Road. 

By understanding the mid to long-term plans for these roads, we can help business and property owners plan with confidence to reduce the impact of congestion on their day-to-day operations.

Read BNH’s submissions to AT here.

Improving Productivity & Reducing Congestion

No one wants to be stuck in traffic. To avoid the stresses of congestion on your commute, you may want to consider alternatives to driving – even if it’s one day a week. Luckily, there are plenty of travel options to choose from. By riding the bus or sharing a ride, you can take advantage of priority parking and transit lanes to make your journey faster.

Flexible working gives staff the opportunity to vary their hours, days or location. Flexi-working allows people to work remotely, avoiding peak-hour traffic, and with consideration to personal commitments. 

Key benefits for employees: 

  • Less time, energy and money spent commuting
  • Enhanced work-life balance
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better focus and productivity when working
  • Greater job satisfaction and improved wellbeing

Key benefits for employers: 

  • Easier to attract more diverse talent
  • Improved staff engagement and retention
  • Increased staff commitment
  • Greater staff productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Less pressure on staff parking and office space

To learn more about flexible working, please click here. For advice about travel planning, please contact Sarah de Zwart

AT Initiatives To Keep Auckland Moving

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Spread the Jam
Spread the Jam
Keeping Auckland Moving
Keeping Auckland Moving
AT Moving Auckland
AT Moving Auckland
Auckland Transport Parking Strategy
Auckland Transport Parking Strategy

AT has launched a campaign to encourage commuters to “spread the jam”. When you consider your working week, what small changes could you make which, with everyone else’s, could have a significant positive impact to lessen congestion on Auckland’s roads?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Bikes

Thinking of going electric? You could reduce your business vehicles’ running costs and your carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Read about NZ Government’s EV programme to accelerate both domestic and commercial uptake.

Read more about greener travel options in FYI, June 2019.