Business North Harbour Training Room


Risk Assessment Method Statement

On completion of the training room booking form you will receive an email with a RAMS Form attached. Please read this form and bring it with you to your booking, signed as accepted.


Please note that all seafood products are unable to be consumed on the premises due to food allergies.

Food is to be consumed within the training room to take into consideration that it is a working office environment.


The Business North Harbour office staff will be working during your meetings, so please be considerate with the noise volume. Ensure you close the door to the meeting room as the sound travels to the main office area. If your attendees need to leave the training room to take a personal call or have a conversation, please make sure they go outside so they do not interrupt the BNH office staff.


We have a designated smoking area accessible through the cafeteria. Please ask if you wish to use this area.

Smoking is not permitted inside or in front of the building.


We have a limited number of car parks available for Business North Harbour staff and guests, only the coordinator(s) are able to use the Business North Harbour designated car parks that are clearly marked on the left hand side of the carpark as you drive in, wherever possible, please carpool. Additional parking is sometimes available, please contact us to discuss.


Business North Harbour is open from 0830 to 1630 – Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Please ensure meetings are conducted between these hours.

Location: 12 Parkway Drive, Albany



Seats are indicative of comfortable seating arrangements.  In most cases more seats can be added.

Please note that the images are an indication of style, not actual arrangements and not to scale.

U-Shape (14 Seats) 

Boardroom (14 Seats) 

Classroom A (18 Seats) 

3 rows of 3 tables 


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Theatre (20-30 Seats) 


Classroom B (30 Seats) 

2 rows of 3 tables, 5 seats per table 



(please outline here) 


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