After 5 Event – Massey Enterprise

5 September

Malcolm Fraser, Executive Director, The Collaborative

Jackie Young, CEO, ecentre

Business North Harbour’s general manager, Kevin O’Leary welcomed guests to the first of a new programme of events, saying that Massey University has “risen to the challenge of joining the dots between students and businesses”. It was great to have some students in attendance. Their enthusiasm and quiet confidence were impressive.

Malcolm Fraser outlined the varied and fast-moving challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in terms of how business works (“we’re all digital businesses today”) and the skills that are required. He explained how Massey Enterprise is an ecosystem designed to promote entrepreneurial mindset and provide joined-up, collaborative solutions. The ultimate goal is to implement institutional, sustainable change for the better.

There are three Massey Enterprise studios – AKL, PMR and WEL – where businesses and students can collide (to use Malcolm’s terminology). Virtual collisions are also actively encouraged. Anything to keep more cars off the road! The ecentre has its own important role to play, nurturing relationships and making connections to resources and technology that can help to transform mindset into tangible business activities.

It is planned that Massey Enterprise After 5s will be monthly collisions. September will look at customer experience, October focuses on the value of “fast track interns”, and November is all about digital governance.

Keep an eye on Business North Harbour’s calendar and e-newsletters for more details.

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Kate Thorpe

Kate Thorpe