Notice has hereby been given that the Annual General Meeting for Business North Harbour Incorporated will be held at Business North Harbour, Unit 2, Level 1, 322 Rosedale Road, Rosedale, on Thursday 4th November 2021, commencing at 4.00pm via the following: Business North Harbour Your Business North Harbour e-newsletter, first distributed 15th September 2020 and fortnightly thereafter, via our AGM 2021 Webpage and social media portals, via postal advice 23rd September 2021, via e-mail 28th September 2021 and in the North Shore Times & North Harbour News – Public Notices 30th September 2021.

Due to COVID – 19 restrictions Business North Harbour has re-scheduled the AGM to the back-up date of Thursday 4th November 2021. Previously advertised as the 21st October 2021

We sincerely hope that Alert Level restrictions will allow for an in-person event to be held on this new date, but if this is not the case, BNH is exploring the possibility of holding an on-line AGM instead. We will keep everyone fully informed regarding this option should the need arise.


Whilst any interested party is welcome to attend, the Association’s Constitution stipulates the following:


(Refer to clause 5 for complete criteria and rights details)

5.1 The membership of the Association shall consist of Full Members. A person shall be entitled to be a Full Member of the Association if that person:

5.1.1 Owns one or more commercially rated properties within the BID Targeted Rating Area; or
5.1.2 Occupies or is the tenant of one or more premises (with a floor space of not less than 10 square metres) of a commercially rated property within the BID Targeted Rating Area and who operates a business from those premises for not less than 50 business days a year; and
5.1.3 Has not previously been expelled from the Association, unless the Executive Committee has resolved to readmit that person under Rule 11.5.
5.1.4 Has fully paid up all fees, subscriptions levied by the Association pursuant to Rule 9.

5.2 Any person entitled to be a Full Member of the Association and who wishes to become a member shall provide details of their name, business identity, contact details and business to the Secretary.

5.3 Each Member, which is not an individual, shall designate an individual representative to act on its behalf in all matters relating to the Association, and shall notify the Secretary of that representative’s details (abridged).

5.4 The rights of the Members of the Association shall be as follows:
• Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote.

5.5 Proxy votes are permitted for Members entitled to Full Membership under Rule 5.1 at any Annual General Meeting of the Association, provided that the proxy vote forms are signed by both parties and presented at each voting time and that no Member shall represent more than three proxies at any one voting time.

To be eligible to vote you must have completed the necessary membership forms and forwarded them to arrive with the Association prior to the date for the Annual General Meeting.

Members wishing to stand for election as an Executive Committee Member must complete and submit the Nomination Form no later than 7 days prior to the date for the Annual General Meeting.