Building development under the spotlight

We are all acutely aware of the amount of building development happening around Auckland. This brings with it a huge amount of both building waste and sediment run-off.

Auckland Council have been targeting some of the most active development areas to make developers and builders more aware of the effects of building. Funded by the Upper Harbour Local Board, the Waste Leadership and Enforcement project has a Waste Team engaging builders onsite to both educate and inform them about good site waste management and to facilitate enforcement where necessary. As well as waste issues, the team are also targeting sediment control, including concrete runoff and illegal dumping.

Waste Advisor Nicola Robinson visits the Scott Point and Hobsonville area regularly and tells us that “over the past few years, building sites in this area have contributed to an increase in waste ending up in the streams and harbour”.

To report instances of illegal dumping, call 0800NODUMP (0800 663 867) or check the Auckland Council website https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/rubbish-recycling/rubbish-dumping-littering/Pages/report-illegal-rubbish-dumping.aspx

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert