Engaging Millennials and Gen Z

Business Breakfast

15 October

Brett McLeod, Dale Carnegie

Creating Cultures that Engage and Retain Millennials and Gen Z

AUT Millennium’s CEO Mike Stanley welcomed attendees who’d braved the early morning wild spring weather. His introduction was informative and exciting; half of NZ’s Olympic athletics team and members of the Paralympic team are using the facilities there to prepare for the Tokyo games next year.

Brett McLeod led a lively, interactive workshop. The stereotypes associated with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z were discussed – with some humour – and it quickly became clear that while there may be differences between the generations there are also many similarities. This is true in a business environment when every team member wants to feel valued, confident, empowered, and connected.

When this happens (along with other key factors), employee engagement develops. And why does that matter? Companies where employees are genuinely engaged can benefit from 41 per cent lower absenteeism, 21 per cent higher profitability, and 17 per cent higher productivity.

Brett shared many other useful statistics, including: 47 per cent of Gen Z say that a fun work environment is a top priority for them – which is a great reminder that we should all take a moment to appreciate the good stuff and share a laugh with our co-workers.

Business North Harbour’s GM Kevin O’Leary closed proceedings, recalling the inspirational words of Gilbert Enoka: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Attendees were then invited to take a tour of AUT Millennium’s conference and training facilities.

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Kate Thorpe

Kate Thorpe