Exit Planning – how to extract the greatest value when you sell

17 MARCH 2021

Kenina Court FCA, Pathfinder Solutions

There was jubilation in the air at North Shore Golf Club, as many people arrived early to watch (what turned out to be) the final race of the 36th America’s Cup on the big screen. Amid much cheering and applause, Peter Burling and the Emirates Team New Zealand crew triumphantly glided across the line.

The positive mood continued, as Kenina Court shared a wealth of information about many different aspects of how to sell a business in the most effective manner. As a chartered accountant and business owner, Kenina thinks and speaks from different perspectives to ensure clients do not overlook critical elements. She began by likening selling a business to selling your home. You would not just wake up one morning and decide to put your property on the market with no preparation; the process takes time, money and effort. Illustrating many of the points with relatable examples, she then ran through key factors that influence business value, including:

  • The type of revenue/sales – “it’s not just about how much”
  • Earnings before interest and tax – “your P&L is like a report card, reflecting all the decisions you’ve made (or not made)”
  • How well the business is systemised – employee agreements, business plan, marketing strategy
  • How much the owner is needed
  • How fast the sale is required

Kenina also encouraged attendees to put themselves in a buyer’s shoes and consider the questions that they would ask, such as “Who am I buying from?” and “Why are they selling?” Furthermore, what qualities and benefits could their existing business offer a buyer that could not be achieved by that buyer starting a similar business from scratch.

Many attendees were busy scribbling notes throughout this highly informative session.

Please click here to see the event’s photos.

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert