Half-Price Fares Extended Until January 2023

Between 1st April and 31st January 2023, a 50% discount will apply to AT bus, train and ferry fares. For staff that commute, 50%* off their travel costs can make a huge difference to their finances, so make sure you spread the word among your workplaces.

Staff can cap their travel costs at $107.50 per month with a bus and train monthly pass. It can keep longer journeys like Papakura to Britomart to just $6.12 per day for a return journey, or Albany to Britomart for $2.43 each way.

View discounted fares

HOP card fares

ZoneAdultAdult 50% off
1 Zone$2.20$1.10
2 Zones$3.90$1.95
3 Zones$5.40$2.70
4 Zones$6.80$3.40
5 Zones$8.00$4.00
6 Zones$9.20$4.60
7 Zones$10.40$5.20
8 Zones$11.60$5.80
9 Zones$12.60$6.30

Cash fares

ZoneAdultAdult 50% off
1 Zone$4.00$2.00
2 Zones$6.00$3.00
3 Zones$8.00$4.00
4 Zones$10.00$5.00
5 Zones$11.50$5.75

Monthly passes

AT HOP Monthly PassFull price50% off
Bus and train monthly pass$215$107.50
Ferry Inner monthly pass$165$82.50
Ferry Mid monthly pass$265$132.50
Ferry Outer monthly pass$345$172.50

Get a further 10% discount for off-peak travel

The 50% discount applies to bus, train and ferry* fares at all times, but you can also get a further 10% discount when completing your journey at off-peak times using an AT HOP card. For example, if your AT HOP card full fare usually costs $2.20, with the 50% discount and the 10% off-peak discount you will only pay $0.99 for your off-peak journey.

The 50% discount and the 10% off-peak discount also apply on top of AT concessions.

Off-peak times

  • Weekdays: before 6am, between 9am to 3pm, after 6.30pm until end of service
  • Weekends and public holidays: all day

Learn more from Auckland Transport website.

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert