Gravity Credit Management

Credit Reporting & International Debt Recovery

ICMS is one of the finest debt collection and credit report agencies of New Zealand. Since 1930, we’ve been providing our services to a huge range of clients ranging from owner operated businesses to large corporations both nationally & internationally, and across a wide range of industry types.

While we are a neutral third party with no emotional attachment to any dispute with your client, it is our top priority to retain your business relationships where possible. If the results and the recovery of money are more important than a future professional relationship between yourself and your debtors, then we are a very wise choice. We deliver complete debt recovery services including debt collection, comprehensive credit reporting (CCR), credit checking, terms of trade documents, and debt reporting.

We at ICMS are committed in providing the highest level of professional services because we recognise the importance of your brand and always work towards upholding your reputation. We ensure our clients that they are fully informed of all the facts and manage all the enquiries in a professional manner.

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